Which Is Best WordPress Or Blogger Complete Guide

If you are new and you want to start a blog so the most question on beginners mind is which is best WordPress or blogger? spouse in the future your blog will be a brand then if you choose the wrong platform then your all-time will be wasted.

In this article, we are comparing blogger vs WordPress pros and cons which one is better. we are WordPress or blogger comparing their performance features and many other important things. if you are a beginner in blogging then this article will help you a lot.

Features in your blog platforms

If you want to start your blog then you need to choose a good platform that is most popular you need some things to look at when you choose a blogging platform. you have two choices WordPress or blogger.

  • Fast loading
  • Easy to use
  • Customization
  • Fast server

These things are very important in your blogging platform because if your server or platform is weak then your website will down when you got good traffic so check it before choosing a blogging platform WordPress or blogger.

WordPress or blogger which is better

WordPress or blogger which is better

According to semrush, there are 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites, and the number of 10% increase in the united states but on the other hand estimated 64 million websites currently using WordPress.

But the question is which is best WordPress or blogger? and the answer is WordPress by seeing blogger and WordPress statics report WordPress are still no 1 in the world below I will show you why and which features makes WordPress website popular worldwide.

Easy to use

Word press is the easiest content management system to use in the market because in blogger you can find many things which can disturb you while you are doing blogging but WordPress is the easiest way to create your website in less than 5 minutes.

For Example: In a blogger when you add any post then you have a permalink and in a blogger, the permalink had a date on its URL that’s why if you want to update your post.

After one year when the google bot crawled and sees the old date on your permalink, it could be confused and this will create a bad effect on them but in WordPress, you can change them.


In blogger, if you want to change the theme then you can find many free templates you need to do some coding when you customize your blogger template this can take too much time and if you don’t have knowledge about coding then you will be stuck in customization.

On the other hand in WordPress you can do the easiest customization in minutes without coding you can also find many other helpful plugins which can be very helpful for you in WordPress.


you can easily customize your WordPress in minutes and in blogger it can take many times you need above I said that you need to do some coding while you need to customize your blogger.

WordPress is very easy you can use elementor and just drag and drop your homepage menu footer menu and in minutes your all blog will customize.

Blogger vs WordPress pricing and features

First, let’s talk about bloggers so let’s see what we get in bloggers. it is a free platform where you can find some features which are important in blogging no matter whether you are doing on WordPress or blogger.

Blogger Features 

  • The domain is Free on blogger
  • Hosting is Free on blogger
  • SSL Certificate is Free in blogger
  • Yoast SEO is Not available
  • Plugins are Not available on blogger
  • Support is Not available on blogger

WordPress Features

  • Domain Purchase on WordPress
  • Hosting Purchase hosting must
  • SSL Certificate Free with hosting
  • Yoast SEO Free+ paid version
  • Plugins are available in WordPress
  • Support Available 24/7

Above I tell you about some important features which are very important in blogging platforms there are some features that are free in blogger like domain and hosting you can get a free domain of blogger Blogspot .com and hosting is free because blogger is hosted by Google that’s why you get free hosting.

But still, WordPress is the winner because you can find many SEO tools which help you to do on-page SEO of your content and other helpful tools that’s why WordPress is still no 1 worldwide.


WordPress or blogger both are the most used platforms in the world but if you want to start blogging then you need to choose one platform only WordPress or blogger.

I hope you can understand now the difference between blogger or WordPress. I recommend you to go with WordPress.If you want to go with WordPress then don’t purchase cheap hosting purchase good quality cheap hosting which can handle your blog traffic and have a server near your country.

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