Top 5 Popular Technology Websites In Pakistan

Do you know that there are millions of technology websites on the internet and they are popular in their countries and worldwide according to their wide variety of information and their Alexa rank?

In this article, I am going to tell you the Top 5 Popular Technology Websites in Pakistan which are the most visited websites in Pakistan according to their content and information.

Because they are providing valuable content on information technology, startup news mobile laptops gadgets startup and also provides latest technology news from Pakistan and all over the world.

Popular Technology Websites in Pakistan

Technology websites are very popular in the also many people are finding information on science and tech so if you are a technology lover then make sure to follow these sites in 2022.

Top 5 popular technology websites

There are many information technology websites that are run by the government of Pakistan. they are the best technology blogs and they are also included in the technology Pakistan websites list. but I mentioned only the multiple categories of blog websites.

Pro Pakistani

Propakistanis websites are providing information technology news, tech, and telecoms, auto sports others how-to, etc. it can also cover all kinds of technology news from Pakistan.

you can also find the latest information on gaming. ProPakistani is Pakistan’s largest independent news publisher. in Alexa rank, the pro-Pakistani website ranks #8,431 worldwide, and #82 in Pakistan. you can visit to know more about technology.

Technology Times

Technology times website is the most popular technology website in Pakistan and globally. you can also find this website in multiple languages like English and Urdu.

This website covers multiple categories like technology startup education interview lifestyle science space etc it can also cover multiple countries news Pakistan, Africa, China, the USA, and the world. this website ranks #393,449 worldwide and #18,962 in Pakistan. follow this website below.

Redmond Pie

Redmond pie is a proper technology-based website. this website covers Microsofts Windows mobiles offices Xbox etc also covers apple products google services wearable developer webs and more.

You can also find full informational articles on mobile phones, windows, etc. if you are a mobile lover then you should follow this blog. this website ranks #76,607 worldwide and #38,496 in Pakistan.

Tech Juice

Techjuice is the most popular information technology website in Pakistan it can also cover multiple topics like technology startup mobile investment online earning etc. there are also 8 writers which are writing articles on tech juice.

These websites also have a good DA (Domain Authority) which can help tech juice to rank their article fast on google. this website has a #105,955 Alexa rank worldwide and #2,341 in Pakistan. if you want to get the latest news from tech juice you can visit this, website.

Pak Wired

Pakwired is the most visited website in Pakistan in tech categories. you can also find the technology news find the ideas on the latest startup freelancing, how to, social media quotes life, etc.

This website has a #197,310  Alexa rank worldwide and #8,370 in Pakistan. day by day tech websites is getting very popular in Pakistan because people are getting soo, much knowledge on tech if you want to stay updated in tech categories you can visit this website.

If you are a real technology geek then I recommend you to follow all the websites which are mentioned in this article to stay updated.


In this article, I mentioned only the top 5 popular technology websites in Pakistan these websites are the most popular technology websites you can learn many things from these websites or if you want an idea to create your technology blog you can get by these websites

The admins which are created these websites worked very hard to add their website to the most popular technology websites list. appreciate their work and share this article with your friends.

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