Inshot Pro

Before using the application, of course, you must know the application well first. Starting from what the application looks like to the features embedded in the application.

Inshot Pro is a video editing application that is capable of producing HD video quality. The features in the application are very complete. It is evident from hundreds of millions of users who give positive reviews for the application.

Application users are also diverse, there are those from Android and iOS. Inshot has a simple interface that is easy to use by anyone, including beginners.

Embedded features are also easy to understand. So the video editing process becomes easier and more fun. Not to mention, there is documentation that contains tips and tricks for editing videos using this application.

This makes it more helpful for users to be creative with this popular editing application. Compared to similar applications, Inshot is the lightest, making it suitable for use on all devices.

It also makes video editing activities that you do anti-slow when used. Given the quality of the application, you must subscribe to get all the features in the application.

Although there is a free version, the quality of the features presented in the application is very limited. What if you are reluctant to subscribe but want to enjoy all the features properly?

Take it easy because now there are many modified versions that can be downloaded. With this version, all the features can be enjoyed without the need to pay. Isn’t it delicious? You can be creative as you wish.

Features Inshot Pro Mod APK

Being one of the best editing applications today, Inshot has many promising features that make video editing more fun with good and beautiful results.

This is the reason why Inshot has become a popular application for video editing today. Talking about features, here are some excellent features from Inshot that will accompany you when editing videos:

1. Unlocked Full Effect Inshot Pro

According to experience, the editing results will be better if given the right additional effects. Unfortunately, in Inshot Pro you have to subscribe first so that all effects can be used.

Unlike Inshot Pro Mod, all the effects in the application can be used without limits. Please be creative with the effects that you think are most suitable for the video you are making.

2. Video Slideshow

Video Slideshow is a video that contains a combination of photos that are combined into one. Where the photo will alternately appear when opened. For those who want to make this video, Inshot Pro provides this feature.

To make this video is very easy, including beginners who are just using the feature. First, you have to select the photos you want to combine in the slideshow.

Next, select the Slideshow video in the pop-up. So that the videos you make are not monotonous, please add effects or music. If necessary you can also add transition effects.

3. Sticker dan Full Text

Full Text includes basic features for video editing. Even so, this feature is very important because it is used to add special text in the video.

With the addition of full text and stickers, the edited video becomes even better and more interesting. In Inshot Pro Mod, you can use these effects and features without limits.

There are thousands of stickers and full-text effects, all of which can be used at will. Although many say adding full text makes videos tacky, if you apply it well, the videos you make will not disappoint.

4. Share feature

Although many users feel that this feature is not very important, but for some users, this feature is very important, especially for business people who want their products to be known by many people.

By using this Inshot Mod application, you can share the editing results to various social media as you wish. The choice of social media is very complete.

Starting from Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, and many others. The method is quite easy, you just click on the image of the desired platform.

5. Set the video speed

Many want to adjust the speed of the video to make it look attractive. Unfortunately, not all editing applications provide this feature. But it’s different with the Inshot application.

For those who use Inshot Pro Mod APK, you can adjust the speed of the video as you wish. That way, the look of the video that you make becomes cooler and looks different.

The video speed also varies, starting from 0.25 x, 0.50 x, up to 2 X. Everything just depends on the video editing needs that you want.

6. Convert videos

To support the quality of the edited video, the video format is very important. Unfortunately for some editing applications only provide a few video formats.

This is very different if you use this Inshot Pro Mod. Where the video formats are very complete. So, you just have to adjust it to your needs.

7. No watermark

Watermarks on the editing results can reduce the aesthetics of the video editing results that you do. No wonder many want to remove the watermark.

For those who download the mod version of Inshot, you will not find a watermark. The editing results that you do are clean and not stained by watermarks.

Take it easy to enjoy this feature, you don’t have to pay. Because all you have to do is download the Mod application. So no need to spend any money at all.

8. Backsound

There are many things you can do to make the video look attractive and lively. For example, add the background you want.

Well, Inshot Pro Mod provides all the background needs you need. So just choose which background is suitable for your video.

To make it easier for users, there are various categories of background to choose from. For example animation, background war, and so on.

9. No ads

I was busy editing a video when an ad popped up. Certainly not pleasant. For those who use this Inshot Pro Mod APK, you don’t have to worry about ads.

The reason is that during editing, you will not find ads though. So, the editing process in this application becomes more comfortable and doesn’t break your concentration.

This is one of the main advantages of Inshot Pro that you can enjoy after downloading the modified version.

Advantages of Inshot Pro

Being one of the best video editing applications today, it’s no wonder that Inshot Pro has many advantages over its competitors.

Here we summarize the advantages of this application that has been used by hundreds of millions of users:

Has three main multimedia features

You could say, this application has a very complete main feature. In the application, you can use three main multimedia features.

That is, by downloading Inshot Pro, you can enjoy the features of three applications at once. Its features include photo editing, video editing and a photo collage maker.

Each feature can be adapted to the needs of each user. The main feature is also equipped with various features that make users more satisfied when editing videos.

Add specific objects to the video

This feature is one of the best features of Inshot Pro. Where you can add any object to the video being edited.

You can also add blank areas in the video. The empty area can be filled as desired. For example use it for transitions, text or audio.

Various storage capacity options

In Inshot, you can choose the storage capacity as you wish. In the application, there are three choices of storage capacity that can be used, namely 1080P, 720P and 480P.

The higher the selected storage capacity, the better the video quality. But the storage size is also getting bigger. Just adjust it to your needs.

The application is relatively light

In contrast to video editing applications whose size reaches hundreds of MB, Inshot has a relatively light size. Where the size is only 51 MB only.

Although the size of the application is light, the features presented here are very complete. With mini size, the application is perfect for all types of smartphones.

Easy to share on social media

The next advantage can be seen in how to share the application. Where you can easily share the editing results to various popular social media such as FB, Twitter, Instagram to Tiktok.

Sharing the results of editing is very easy. You just click on the social media image.

Download Inshot Pro Mod APK

Actually, this application can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Unfortunately, this version has limited features that prevent users from being creative.

So, you can not enjoy all the desired features. Indeed you can upgrade to the premium version. But have to prepare the money to subscribe.

Take it easy because in this article we will provide a download link for the modified version. No need to pay, you can enjoy all Pro features anytime. Here’s the download link

App Name Inshot Pro Mod APK
App Version V1.625.261
App Size 27 MB
Minimal Operating System Minimal Android 4.3
Developer Inshot Inc

That is the download link for the Mod Inshot application. The application installation process is somewhat different from the application on the Play Store. For those who are still confused, please follow the installation tutorial in the following subtitles.

Inshot Pro APK Installation Steps

Actually it is not difficult to install this mod application. It’s a bit different but not too hard to follow. Here are the installation steps:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Inshot mod application file via the link we provided above.
  • Go to respective device Settings.
  • Select Security.
  • Check the Unknown Sources section.
  • Look for the previously downloaded APK file.
  • Book file
  • Click Install to start installing the application.
  • Wait until the application installation process is complete.

Now you can use Inshot Pro Mod anytime on your smartphone. You don’t need a PC or laptop to edit videos with the best quality.

Just open the smartphone and click the Inshot Pro Mod application that has been downloaded. All the features you want are already unlocked in the mod version without the need to pay.

How to Use Inshot Pro Complete Mod

For those who have downloaded Inshot Pro Mod, you can use this video editing application as you wish. For beginners, it may be a bit confusing to edit videos.

The reason is that there are so many ways to edit videos here because they are tailored to the creativity of each user. Here we summarize the tutorial:

1. Select and insert videos

Before editing a video, the first step that must be done is to select a video and insert it into the editing media. Here’s how:

  • Open the Inshot Pro Mod application first.
  • Select Videos.
  • All videos stored on the smartphone appear.
  • Select the video by clicking the desired video.
  • Edit videos as you wish.

2. Edit video shape

After inserting the video into media editing, then you can determine the shape of the video you want. Here are three main forms of video to choose from.

The first form is a Full Video without any background. Next, there is a video shape that has a background at the top and bottom.

Finally, there is a box video form. You just choose what you want. Don’t forget to click the tick after selecting the video.

3. Turn off and enable blur in the background

So that the video looks interesting, not a few add to the blur effect in the video background. To do this, you can select Blur BG.

After clicking the tool, on the left, there is a circle with a crossed line. In this feature, you can also adjust the blur according to the needs of the video.

Don’t forget to click the check mark if the blur you need has been obtained. Don’t overdo it when blurring because it affects the video quality in Inshot Pro Mod APK.

4. Add music

For those who need sound effects, you can add music to the video. The process is very easy.

  • Select Music in the video being edited.
  • Decide on the music you want to use in the video.
  • You can use music from the app or you can use your own music collection.
  • If you want to use music from your own collection, select My Music.
  • Select Use Music when you have found the music you want.
  • Adjust the music volume as needed.
  • Select OK.

5. Add Stickers and Text

In Inshot there are many stickers that can be applied to videos. Apply stickers to videos is very easy. Here’s how:

  • First of all, please select the Sticker first.
  • Select the sticker you want to use.
  • Drag the selected sticker and place it in the desired position.

With the help of this sticker, you can remove the watermark on the video. Of course, the sticker must be placed where the watermark is.

After customizing the sticker, please select back. Don’t forget to check the checkbox so that the settings you make are saved in the video.

For those who want to add text, you can also do it easily. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Select Text.
  • Type the desired word.
  • Place the text in the desired position.
  • Select the checkmark to save the written text.
  • Select the check again to save the settings you have made.

6. Changing the background

Previously you already knew how to change the blur effect in videos. For those who do not match and want to change the background, you can do that too.

How to change the background in Inshot is very easy. First of all, please select Background. On the next page, you can choose the color you want to use.

Set the color as you wish. After that, don’t forget to select the checklist so that the background can be changed as desired.

After completing the editing process, you of course have to save the video so that it doesn’t get deleted. To save videos in Inshot is very easy.

You simply select Save on the right of the Inshot page. Wait until the process is complete. You can also share videos with various media by clicking the share button.

Editing videos using Inshot Pro Mod APK is very profitable. Besides being able to enjoy premium features without paying, you can also edit videos anywhere and anytime

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