How To Use Telegram In Pakistan Without VPN 2022

Do you know about telegram yes I am talking about the WhatsApp alternative app telegram there are many users who are using telegram in Pakistan and this app is available worldwide in the play store then why telegram is blocked in Pakistan?

I am going to tell you how to use telegram in Pakistan without a VPN in 2022 because telegram is blocked by the government of Pakistan in 2017 but now in 2022.

Why telegram is still blocked in Pakistan and how to use telegram in Pakistan without VPN. first, you need to know some information if you are a telegram user and a resident of Pakistan.

What is telegram? A quick guide

In simple words according to Wikipedia Telegram is a freeware, cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging service. you can also be called the alternative WhatsApp because you can find many similarities between WhatsApp and telegram both.

You are shocked to know that in 2018 telegram has increased its users by 175%. telegram is the 7th most downloadable app on the play store in the world. there are also Billions of downloads of telegrams in the play store.

Why telegram blocked in Pakistan 2022

On 9, November 2017  Telegram is officially banned by the PTA ( Pakistan telecommunication authority) and the government of Pakistan. we don’t know why but PTA’s response to users about the telegram stuck on connecting.

use telegarm in pakistan 2022
(Image credit: @PTCLOfficial)

Above you see the response from PTA but telegram users didn’t know why the telegram is still blocked in 2022 don’t worry now is m going to tell you how you can use the telegram without a VPN in Pakistan for free.

Use telegram in Pakistan without VPN 2022

Use telegram in Pakistan without VPN 2022The first step is that you need to install the Telegram app from the play store after downloading the app download any VPN you want its not permanent you only need to activate VPN once you can delete VPN.

But first, install the Telegram app activate VPN sign in with your phone number after doing this deactivates the VPN and delete it

After doing all steps click the button below and add a powerful free proxy server and that’s it your done and ready to use telegram in Pakistan 2022.

[su_button id=”download” url=”” target=”blank” style=”3d” background=”#ef5d2d” size=”5″ center=”yes”]Connect Here[/su_button]

Telegram is a very secure communication app you know that day by day Whatsapp is upgrading its system that’s why WhatsApp is blocking some mobile phones’ OS operating systems to don’t use WhatsApp.

That’s why people are shifting from WhatsApp to telegram in Pakistan and India telegram is getting more popular day by day because in telegram people creates many informational and crypto groups and channel for updates.

Thre people are also earning money from telegram by creating their channel and updating other people on crypto, airdrops, and other informational topics.


I hope that in this article you will get proper information on how to use telegram in Pakistan without VPN 2022. if you want updates on the latest technology news or you want to know when telegram will unblock in Pakistan get every information on this website make sure to subscribe to our push notification service.

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