How To Start Freelancing With No Experience In 2022

Do you want to know How to start a freelancing business with no experience but don’t have any digital skills to start providing your services on the freelancing platform don’t worry because we are here to help you just read this article to the end and congratulation you are a freelancer?

Start freelancing today but to start a freelancing business you need types of equipment if you don’t have any experience then it’s ok but the equipment is very important to start freelancing or any other online work.

Start freelancing beginner guide

Learn about how to start freelancing for beginners today A to Z short guide that you will understand easily. And if you don’t have any skills then I will tell you what and which skill you need to learn for freelancing or future for free.

Equipment needed for online work

  • Internet
  • Mobile
  • Computer

In 2022 there are almost 91.54% of people who have phones but not everyone has a good computer so if you want to start freelancing as a career then you need a good PC not so much expensive but in your budget range purchase a laptop where you can easily do your work without any problem.

Good internet is very important to start freelancing because you can not do online work with slow internet as a freelancer you need to talk with your client for order confirmation and if your internet went then this will impact very badly on your client and they will cancel your order.

Best Laptop for a freelancer to start online work

Best Laptop for a freelancer to start online work

There are also many laptops companies like Lenovo hp mac etc but I will mention a laptop which is good in the specification at a cheap price.

Dell Inspiron 15 5558

  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • 5th Generation 5015U 2.1 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB DDR3L
  • Hard Disk: 1 TB

You can purchase this laptop at a cheap price purchase from online or in your hometown near the computer shop easily.

Creat your social platforms

If you want to start online work then you need to create your account on social media platforms because billions of people are using social media that’s why you need to manage your social platforms and create posts about your services to others so if they need they will contact you.

Learn or find a demandable skill

Day by day the business is going to online that’s why people need services from people so they can run there business much better so you need a skill that will be demandable in future if you have an online skill that’s good but if you don’t have any skill I will tell you some skills that will vary demandable in future and if you can choose any of skill that I mention below then you can start freelancing and other online works.

Top 5 freelancing skills high demand

There are many skills that you can learn and give services on freelancing but I am going to mention some skills that are very easy to learn.

Logo design

If you don’t know about logo design and you still want to start freelancing and provide services about logo design then don’t worry you don’t need to do any hard work there are many applications and websites that are already creating logos for your brand and business for free.

Picture editing

Picture editing is not tough in 2022 and everyone knows this skill you can easily edit your client’s picture on your smartphone or on a computer by using adobe and Picsart Etc.

You can also find many websites which can help you to remove a picture background and with the help of this you can give services on fiver in removing picture backgrounds.

Video editing

The most demanding skill on freelancing is video editing because many people have a youtube channel or vlog channel and still they are doing business so that’s why they don’t have time to edit videos that’s why they hire a video editor for their project videos.

Web design

This skill is very easy to learn and a high-demand skill on freelancing to start your online business. You can create your own website or you can start your own website selling a business and provide your customers with a good design website.


If you can research on the internet and write articles for your customers then you can really have a great skill you can take multiple benefits by doing this skill you can sell article writer services on freelancing or you can write articles for your own website.

Most demandable Future skills to start freelancing

  • Digital marketing
  • Web developer
  • App developer
  • Programming
  • Coding

These skills are the most demandable skill in 2022 to start freelancing and you can also be called them future skills if you want to start with something big then you can choose the skill you want to mention above and I guaranteed your future will be secured as a freelancer, you can charge 80$ to100$ per hour if you have these skills.

You can learn these skills from Youtube you can find millions of content creators’ videos that are providing you full courses from basic to advance levels just for free. I am going to mention some YouTubers that are providing free courses.

  • Hisham Server(urdu)
  • Simplilearn(english)

You can learn the digital courses you want in your language for free. You can also learn many other skills you love if you want to learn a skill on an advanced level then read articles related to your skill and practice your skill after learning it as homework and create some project by doing this in some days you can take a grip on your skill.


In this article, you will know How to start a freelancing business with no experience and how to learn the most demandable skill for free. if you want to succeed in the future then you need a digital skill and if you have a skill then your future is a bright star so learn skill now.

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