How To Rank On Google SEO Tips And Tricks 2022

Do you want to rank on google or do you see many videos and read articles the progress is still zero you cant rank your website on google. so this article is for you in this post I am going to tell you how to rank on google with some SEO tips and tricks.

Do you see there are many websites that are ranked so high on Google? it’s not a miracle its a technique and proper SEO research and good valuable content. There are secrets to getting your website in the top 10 or top 100 results and doing google SEO optimization it’s all about paying attention to SEO (search engine optimization).

How to rank on google with the help of SEO

SEO is the full foam of (search engine op[timization). it can help you to rank your website on google so the importance of SEO in your content is that you cant rank your website without SEO (search engine optimization).

Five SEO tips and tricks to rank on google

There are also a technique and tips and tricks which you can apply to your website and I guarantee your article will rank on google. before writing good valuable content on your blog you need to follow the SEO tips and tricks if you want to improve your website ranking on google.

Good Research

Research is the best way main thing of content before writing your article you can research on google, quora, and other related search engines you can find a good idea, and in quora, you can find what people are asking by solving people’s quires there could be a chance to rank on google.

Low competition keywords

Using low competition keywords in your post is the best way to improve search engine ranking make sure to use your target keywords low competition or long-tail keywords also use helping keywords in the keyword ranking position. where you think that the keywords will be used then place the keyword there.

Create engaging content

One of your primary goals in creating engaging content is to get more people to view your website. To write engaging content in your blog you can take help from social media like Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc you can find an idea about what people are finding.

Write for humans

Keywords are important when you’re writing for search engines, but if you’re looking to drive traffic and engagement with your content, then it’s all about how people search. because the search engine is not reading your data people are reading your content.

So if want to solve people’s queries there are many platforms like Quora etc. you can easily find the question on quora collect some question add them to your blog post give the answer and your content is valuable which google and the audience wants.

Creat backlinks

After doing all the steps above the main step is to create backlinks for your website create Do follow and No follow backlinks for your website.

The more backlinks, or inbound links, you have to point to your site, the better your ranking will be on Google and other search engines. you can create a backlink by placing your article link on other websites’ articles.

You can find many websites which have high DA domain authority choose one of the websites and write an email telling them that you want to create a backlink from their blog and that’s it.


After following all the steps above your article is SEO optimized and ready to rank on google SEO is a very large field that’s why I tell you five SEO tips and tricks to rank on google. find helpful content make sure to share it with others.

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