How To Get AdSense Approval Fast Trick 2022

Many peoples have a question on their minds Is it hard to get Adsense approval? I researched on the internet and find thousands of questions about how to get  Adsense approval in 2022.

In this article, I will cover your all quires about Adsense approval I also tell you How long it takes for AdSense to approve? you will also know about Adsense policies which you can follow and get Adsense approval fast in 2022. you just only need to read this article to end.

So let’s start it!

How to get Adsense approval fast for WordPress and blogger

Adsense is the best ad network on the internet that’s why millions of bloggers are using Adsense and want their website approved by Adsense. listen there is no shortcut to getting Adsense approved you can only get Adsense approval when you apply google program policies on your website.

There are also some tips and tricks which we are following and also you can follow them to easily get AdSense approval on your website no matter whether you’re using WordPress or a blogger.

[su_highlight background=”#f8e245″] How long does it take to get Adsense approved?[/su_highlight]

It can take 24 hours to 48 hours but in some cases, it can take up to 2 weeks to follow the steps below to get Adsense approved in less than 24 hours.

How to check website for Adsense approval

How to check the website for Adsense approval

f you want to apply to your website to get Adsense approval make sure your website is ready also you need to check your website before applying to Adsense follow the steps that I mentioned below.

  • Use top-level domain
  • SSL Certificate
  • Responsive template
  • Add policy pages
  • Unique content 25 articles
  • Unique images
  • Indexed 15 articles on google

Above I mentioned the instant google Adsense approval 7 steps method which we gain from our experience below you can see details on each method how to do and how its works.

Use top-level domain

do you know that you can also get Adsense approval on a free domain on blogger but if you purchase a top-level domain like .com, .net, .co, .org, and .in with the help of a top-level domain you can increase your approval chance and you can get Adsense approval fast.

SSL certificate

SSL certificate is very important for your blogger or WordPress website if you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website then Google will not give you approval because with an SSL certificate your website will be secure for users that’s why Google doesn’t approve unsecured websites.

If you are using blogger then you can get an SSL certificate for free but if you are a WordPress user then you need to purchase cheap WordPress hosting with a free SSL certificate.

Responsive template

A responsive template is the main requirement to get Adsense approval because google can place ads on websites that are not responsive. in short words responsive means a template that can adjust on different websites and is also friendly for google ads.

Add policy pages

In the Adsense program policies for the website Adsense clearly mentioned that if you want to get approval on your blog then you need to add about us, contact us, privacy policy you can add terms and disclaimer pages if you want it optional but you need to add these pages to get approved.

Write unique content

Content is the king Google rank those websites which have unique content that helps people to get their questions answered and also write informational content which can engage peoples and when visitors see your content they will visit back in the future.

Writing at least 25 articles is not a google recommendation it’s our experience if you apply your website with no content 100% your website will reject by Adsense.

Because when you apply for Adsense your website is checked manually by a person and when you have at least 25 unique articles with 1000+ words their are 110% chance your website get Adsense approval.

Unique images

Before getting approved by Adsense don’t use copyright images from google use your own edited images when you get Adsense approval then you can use other images for educational purposes only and don’t forget to get attribution or source where you get the image.

Indexed pages

Again I said you getting indexed on Google is not the requirement of Adsense it’s our experience because when your articles are indexed on google it means your content is unique and with the help of indexing you get organic traffic and that increases the chance to get Adsense approval.

At least your 15 articles are indexed on google the more your articles are indexed on google more traffic and the more chance to get approved by Adsense.

NOTE: After applying all these fast approval methods on your website you can apply for Adsense I guaranteed that you can get Adsense approval but if for some reason your website will reject then don’t demotivate add 2 articles and then reapply for Adsense 110% now you get Adsense approval.


So I hope this article will help you to get Adsense approval fast in 2022 hope you can now understand how to get Adsense approval for bloggers and also help you to get Adsense approval for WordPress blogs to make sure to subscribe to our website notification so you can be updated on every new post.

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