How To Find Content Ideas Blog Writing Topics Research

Did you have difficulty finding blog content? No worries, I’m here to help you all you have to follow these instructions below. you can learn many things.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to find content ideas for blog writing topics and how to do research on trending topics that really help you to grow your website. so let’s start to learn how to find blog topic ideas.

Top 5 creative writing topics to find content ideas

Social media give to the trending and hot topics to feed your blog. all you have to be a social experience and an eye on the trends in that case you need to create your social accounts so you can know what is trending on social media.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the top 5 creative writing topics to find and boost content for your blog and your audience will love your content.

How to generate content ideas with topic research

If you are a content writer then you can easily research on the internet but if you are a beginner and still want to find creative website content ideas with your research without any paid tool then below I mentioned some information about how to find content ideas you can easily find content topics list with your research after reading this article.

Follow hashtags trend

There are thousands of conversations going on different social platforms. People are talking about different incidents, upcoming events, etc. inside all of this there are different blog content ideas right at your fingertips.

To find these conversations turn twitter on and find the trends related to your niche. Search and follow hashtags related to your blog and the community of your blog. I suggest you participate in the chat to find an idea for your next blog post.

Don’t stop at Twitter go to other platforms and find your content, valuable content is everywhere all you have to find it

Answer recently asked questions

If you’re looking for ideas for your blog write a post on your blog which answers commonly asked questions social media is the easy way to find these questions. you can find questions on quora and easily add them to your blog content and answer it.

Peoples naturally goes to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to seek advice because they get an answer from someone very quickly watch those questions and answer these in your blog post or better be answer these in a series of posts.

Find guest bloggers

Social media provides a great way to discover connections that can go from a social media connection to a business partnership sharing experiences and updates and interacting with your audience creates a connection with them.

Ask your audience to write guest blog posts for your blog if you prefer all you have to target a great writer for your blog. many peoples with great writing skills offer their services for money so you have to reach them.

Start spending more time on your blog

Many people spend an average of 2 to 3 hours on their blog to write a blog post before publishing. The problem with spending minimum time on your post is the lack of research to a specific field with almost no SEO so there are chances that your post will not be in trend.

All you have to give some extra time on your blog do better research on your post and proper SEO of your post in deep to reach out maximum audience. This is the main key to success as a blogger.

Research shows that the minimum hours that you spend on your post are not enough. if you want results you have to spend 1 to 4 hours on your blog post.

Stop writing old content

Writing content with top quality takes hours, days sometimes weeks maybe even months, if it’s a long guide with quality products with so much time, spends on an article and then you know that content is old now all of your efforts will be drowned So it is very important to research trends.


There are many more ways on the internet that you can use to get content ideas for your blog how to find content ideas for blog writing topics and write posts on trending topics if you want to grow your blog then research the internet so you can get the best blog ideas for bloggers.

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