Best Free Plagiarism Checker Content Similarity Checker

There are many peoples which are using the best free plagiarism checker tool to check out their blog content similarity because if your content is plagiarism then google will not rank your website so if you want to solve this problem read this helpful article.

But before we start this article we need to know about the basic things on why use a plagiarism checker tool? and how does the plagiarism tool works?

Why use a free plagiarism checker tool?

Do you know that millions of people are writing blog content daily some people are copy-pasting the content which is not good for their blog but almost many people are writing unique content with the help of their research and knowledge?

But there are almost millions of content already published on google that has the similarity to your content so how would you know which content is copied or plagiarised in your content.

We know about plagiarism content with the help of the plagiarism checker tool which is free you can also find many tools which are paid but the tool I am going to mention is 100% free.

How free plagiarism checker tool works

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The free plagiarism checker tool works easily you just only need to paste the content which you want to check in the free plagiarism checker tool after copying and pasting your content in the plagiarism checker.

In 2 minutes the plagiarism checker fetches all the results which are in their database and checks all content on the 16 billion web pages after checking it when they found something similar then it will be called “plagiarism content”

That’s how a plagiarism checker works. you need to know that there are many plagiarism checker websites tools on google some are free but most are paid so that’s why everyone could not effort the price I am not saying that don’t purchase.

If you have a budget then you can go with free plagiarism checker plans but if you cant afford then I am going to mention some plagiarism checker tools which are 100% free plagiarism checkers without word limit you can check your content unlimited times.

Free plagiarism checker tool websites

There are thousands of free plagiarism checker tool websites available on the internet but I am only recommending you The top 5 free plagiarism checkers websites I am using only one website for almost 5 years and I am still using this website in 2022 duplichecker website are upgraded and you can find other blogger helping tools which you can use free.

  1. Plagiarism Checker
  2. Smallseotools
  3. plagiarism detector
  4. Grammarly
  5. search engine reports

Above I mentioned some free plagiarism checkers websites I recommend you to use duplichecker this website is 100% you can also purchase their plan but you can still use this website is free. you can check 1000 words on time but if you still want to check 2000 + words.

So in this condition, you can check 1000 words again and again to check your all words. I hope this tool will help you in your blogging journey. On these plagiarism checkers websites, you can also find many tools you can also give a try and use if you want.


If you want to rank on google and want to monetize your blog with google then you need to write a unique article or you can check your article in the best plagiarism remover online free tool.

I hope you can understand now how to check plagiarised content in your blog and remove them. if you find this article helpful then share it with your friends.

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